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coping tricks help
: I am stepping on the coping, front stalls, but not really STANDING on top of it. Is it because I'm holding back on speed? Not confident enough on them? Last week I did get on top and spread my stance a bit and it felt good, but now I'm back to tapping it and being inside the ramp and wimping out. Any help? I would take a video but my camera man is gone. ALso trying to do big carves by the top since I guess thats how you get into a grind for small/narrow halfpipes? In a bowl I understand, not on halfpipes. I'm not good at lip tricks but thats what I have to work on in my dinky park, so trying hard to learn. There really isnt any one for me to learn from here, just skateboarders and they do tricks differently then me.
Hey Claudine,
As usual, I agree with Biff. Some video would help see what you're doing AND watching Video (like Zorg's) will help you. But it IS to some degree a confidence/muscle memory thing for stalls & grinds. Also, while I know it seems like front-side is the easier way to learn stalls & grinds, it really isn't. I realize that turning 180 degrees blind onto the coping seems pretty intimidating, but I think everyone would agree with me that doing that same blind 180 turn INTO the ramp/pool is MORE intimidating! So, I'd try learning those 1st. But do whatever feels natural for you.
Good Luck. would Love to see some video....get a tripod... or even just set camera on or near coping.
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