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coping tricks help
Ok, I am curious if your definition of frontside and backside are the same as min. It is pretty obvious what it is when riding side stance, but there really is not a frontside or backside while skating parallel. I consider my frontside turning to the right. I am goofy on a skateboard and turn goofy on my skates as well. I personally do not find frontside easier at all. I am supposed to meet up with another rollerskater tomorrow and I will try to get picks.

: I suck at fakie. The 180 is easy for me though. I can jump 180s blindfold. Well, even if Lisa isnt skating vert now, I called and she gave good advice. Like I said, she is a great teacher so I hope she gets back into it. Stomp on the curb first so I get the feeling of being on top and then I can gain confidence again. I need to stop being afraid of the coping and airs. Once I get over that, I'll be back to normal again and my arm thing can be history. But I will still take it slower then I was back then so I dont hurt myself again.
: : : whaddabout f/s stalls to fakie, no turning involved and u practice fakies,
: : : u can see and your hands are upfront to cushion any falling... good to try, then air to fakie ... so on...
: : : looks dry today, yippee... i feel like a suicidal Seattle resident, arrghh
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: : Just got back from a mini skate myself.
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: : If you are already really good at fakie, then by all means, learn fs grinds first! I'd say that fs stall to fakie would be alright to learn...on a smaller half pipe. But, your hands would not help you for falling if you fell backwards. Also, for grinds &/or slides in a bigger half pipe or bowl, you might want to rethink that and do it backside.
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