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coping tricks help
The jump from frontside stalls back in, 180, isnt hard for me. Fakie is. Getting on top the coping without having my body still in the ramp is. Going into back stalls is cause I cant see the coping. Last dry day here I think. It might rain this evening though. I hope not! I want to practice this evening again. I guess if the halfpipe is packed, I'll just bully my way onto the ramp as ladys first right lol?

: : :: Also, while I know it seems like front-side is the easier way to learn stalls & grinds, it really isn't. I realize that turning 180 degrees blind onto the coping seems pretty intimidating, but I think everyone would agree with me that doing that same blind 180 turn INTO the ramp/pool is MORE intimidating! So, I'd try learning those 1st. But do whatever feels natural for you.
: :
: : ►AGREED!◄
: whaddabout f/s stalls to fakie, no turning involved and u practice fakies,
: u can see and your hands are upfront to cushion any falling... good to try, then air to fakie ... so on...
: looks dry today, yippee... i feel like a suicidal Seattle resident, arrghh
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