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Jay (videos by Jay) (pictures by Jay)
Area 702 (Stop 4) Videos from today...or a "Virtual Tour" of RC's Stop 4!!
Hey again All,
I hope everybody's having a Great Weekend! I certainly am!It's only a month til RollerCon skatepark tour! And I'm STOKED about this year! 1st year for Biff!
For those of you who don't know, I'll be getting more Stoked as the weeks pass, so expect threads from jay about that. Hope I don't bore you guys to Tears!
My AWESOME wife (who actually replied to her 1st thread on the Forum today!) let me indulge myself at the skatepark for a couple hours.
Since, she had to stay home with our son, I had to get creative with some self-filming since I forgot my tripod. Some of the footage is wobbly, some I go out of frame occasionally, but the idea I had was to give you guys a real feel of Area 702 aka RollerCon 2009's Stop 4!
Let me preface this by saying sorry for my appearance. I recently had a medical issue that required a lot of stitches in my face.'ve been warned! LOL!
Alright, here we go....
These 1st couple clips I'm just basically trying to show the park. I do narrate(babble) during all these (even the ones where I'm doing Skate-Cam) so you may want to have your volume up.
1st a view of the Bowl & The Vert Ramp. I cross vert @ end of this clip:

2nd a look @ the Mini-Vert:

3rd a view of the more Eclectic parts of Area 702:

Again, I just want everybody to see what this park's all about. It's not necessarily my favorite park in town, although some days it is! It's just that this is the park I've rented for our exclusive use on Saturday August 1. It's nice because it's indoors (in the 100's here) & they actually have cool air blowing in some spots! Also it's a really cool park with alot of cool elements.
OK. So now for some of the self-filming.

Here I am in the Bowl. Again forgive the out of frame moments. What can I do?! The Bowl:

Here I am on the Vert Ramp:

And here I am on the Mini-Vert. Oh, all the clips here are from today EXCEPT this one. This mini-vert is so weird I wasn't able to set camera ANYWHERE to Self-Film, so this clip is from last month. Filmed by my boarder-buddy Ian, this was actually only my 2nd run on this ramp:

OK. Now for the last bit of my session today. After viewing the self-filmed clips I decided I didn't LOVE the angles. So, as I was filming the Street-Course for you guys I decided I'd take a run on it Skate-Cam style. So, here's that clip:

I liked that clip so I decided to take a Skate-Cam run on everything except the mini-vert. That ramp still scares me enough to NOT take my camera in for a run! Anyway, here's me doing Skate-Cam in The Bowl:

And, lastly, here's Skate-Cam Vert-Style. And, Claudine, this one, as so many before, is for you, Honey. Don't know if you can learn from it, but you can definitely see what it's like to drop-in & catch a couple walls on a vert ramp. This one actually made my eyes hurt a bit watching it. Weird since I didn't have that reaction a couple hours ago when I was actually skating it!

Anyway, everybody, thanks for bearing with me as usual. I hope you've found this entertaining, if not actually educational! LOL!
Seriously, I'm SO looking forward to RC. Seeing all my Old Friends, seeing my New Friends & hopefully MAKING even more new friends.
And, Vert is NOT Dead!!!!!!!!!
PEACE & LOVE from Sin City........... Jay

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