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Jay (videos by Jay) (pictures by Jay)
Area 702 (Stop 4) Videos from today...or a
: I know Vert is NOT Dead!!!!!!!!!
: YouTube has plenty of vert fans, I found many street skaters commenting about how rad vert is. I feel better now :-)
: Getting stoked for RC, esp the Wagon Wheel, that looks pretty ill.
: Is Lee making it out? It's already a hella crew. Come on folks, don't miss this one! Thx Jay, can't wait to meet Ryder... hugs

Hey Irene!
Yes, Lee's coming! He's booked IP room for Wed-Fri & crashing in our room on Sat. Told me he may even come out day early & crash @ house on do you know what that means???
It means that for the 1st RollerCon Skatepark Tour EVER, we will have the Full Dying Breed Crew. Not only that, but this year will also be first year that Brother Biff will be joining us! I'm hella-stoked on skating & hanging with him & his family. :)
So, get STOKED for RC 09, Baby!!!
Ryder sends formula scented kisses!
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