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Area 702 (Stop 4) Videos from today...or a
Its NOT going to rain today Irene until I've got some major dirt on my bike at least lol. Its NOT going to rain, its NOT going to rain. Its NOT going to rain, its NOT going to rain. lol. Common, the parks dont open to evening, the older dudes dont come out to evening, the bmx track doesnt open to evening, I'm off work. Nothing hurts and I'm ready to roll. I need a break! How am I supposed to get stuff done if I'm always got ants in my pants from the rain? Huh?

: : : well said... lots of wisdom and experience in his words.
: : : you know you can always b*tch to us anytime! skaters are built tuff
: :
: : So far havent heard I'm fired lol. Anyway, made phone calls. After I was bitched at for being broke/unemployed being at how extremely intelligent/talented I am, might have new ideas for plans of employment, lets hope. But I dont think this economy cares if you are intelligent, especially if youre talented and have a messed up arm you're dealing with. Thanks, it'll get better and evenings at the park help. No rain tonight Irene, PLEASE!!
: Pouring rain yesterday, good I was out earlier. 10+ inches for June! 2nd highest record ever for the month. More good news? Rain today and tomorrow. I hope to skate
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