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: Yeah thats right, the little one is finally moving up in the skate world. I dropped in the deep end! Woo-hoo! Yeah, noone was there and I had my lame egg crate. Which I'm sure did nothing in reality but was my security blanket. I figured I had to do it then so I could look stupid in my own privacy. I stepped up and when I was on the coping, kinda figured out that the crate would go in with me so I just went. And DID it!! Then I did it like 50 more times cause there was this mom there with this toddler and he kept yelling "again!" So I had to amuse the little kid til my legs and lungs fell off lol. So no crate, just go on in now. The speed/height was scary but thrilling at the same time. And no, didnt wet my diapers lol
: Getting better on the stalls too. Just the coping is so low, if I dont put my feet together, I go over lol, did a split one time too. I need my bloopers on film lol! It was an exciting day for me. The fears are coming down and I can enjoy skating again like I remember before the broken arm. I want to do a monkey plant next. :-D
: By end of summer, should have a decent vid I hope of me doing some tricks. Nothing big but for me it will be cool. Esp. if I can get an invert in there!! That will be a monstrous accomplishment for me.

KUDOS to You, Claudine!!!! Dropping big stuff, Stalls! Monkey-Plants!@ Hell Yeah! Keep it up, Girl. Get some video. We're all dying to see it!!!
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