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: : : : Yeah thats right, the little one is finally moving up in the skate world. I dropped in the deep end! Woo-hoo! Yeah, noone was there and I had my lame egg crate. Which I'm sure did nothing in reality but was my security blanket. I figured I had to do it then so I could look stupid in my own privacy. I stepped up and when I was on the coping, kinda figured out that the crate would go in with me so I just went. And DID it!! Then I did it like 50 more times cause there was this mom there with this toddler and he kept yelling "again!" So I had to amuse the little kid til my legs and lungs fell off lol. So no crate, just go on in now. The speed/height was scary but thrilling at the same time. And no, didnt wet my diapers lol
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: : : : Getting better on the stalls too. Just the coping is so low, if I dont put my feet together, I go over lol, did a split one time too. I need my bloopers on film lol! It was an exciting day for me. The fears are coming down and I can enjoy skating again like I remember before the broken arm. I want to do a monkey plant next. :-D
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: : : : By end of summer, should have a decent vid I hope of me doing some tricks. Nothing big but for me it will be cool. Esp. if I can get an invert in there!! That will be a monstrous accomplishment for me.
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: : : KUDOS to You, Claudine!!!! Dropping big stuff, Stalls! Monkey-Plants!@ Hell Yeah! Keep it up, Girl. Get some video. We're all dying to see it!!!
: : : PEACE.................................Jay
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: : THANKS Jay!! Its not THAT big but for me a big step. Just sub vert. I will try a video in a week or two. I know I do lame stuff compared to you guys but for me its exciting. I am not sure when the crew shows up at the bowl. I'd rather get it there then the kiddie park as I dont know those kids and no ledge to put my stuff up on. I dont trust my self taping as my attempts gave me the worst footage ever lol. ;-D
: HEY! Don't be so self-depricating! You're one of how many women skating pools on skates?!? 5,6 maybe 10 in the World on a regular basis? That's something, Girl! And dropping in on anything with coping is psychologically impossible for most people,so don't be so hard on yourself. You're kicking ass! And, trust me, when I skate with Duke (& I suspect it'll be the same with Biff!) I'm well aware I'm not the Alpha Dog on deck, but I could care less. I'm having a Blast, skating with friends & doing My Thing. What more could anyone want?!?!
: Wanna see some video soon. But know what you mean about the groms. Don't trust anyone UNDER 30!!
: PEACE.........................................Jay

Thanks Jay for being so nice! I'm learning in total isolation so not sure if I look lame or not lol. I'm just happy I can sk8 as I started very old and had a major injury, plus Ima woman which around here is very, very, VERY rare in any action sport period. So I'm quite proud of my accomplishments, but figured compared to you guys that been at it for decades, its not much. I'll try to get a video. The kiddie park is kinda hard. I dont go to the bowls but 1-2 a week cause of money and its a 50-50 chance I'll be alone. But I'll get one. Just dont expect anything polished. More like humorous as flailing is my favorite thing to do lol. The guys here respect me so I guess I do OK. But I'm sure I still look like a frog having a spaz on rollerskates lol. ;-D
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