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Jay (videos by Jay) (pictures by Jay)
I built my very 1st pair of SK8s today!
: : Thanks again everybody for bearing with me through yet another of seemingly pointless posts. I'm just so Stoked on actually building my own SK8s! I think they're gonna work too! I rolled around on both on patio & other than maybe adjusting my stance a bit wider, just in case, I think they're gonna work just fine.
: : Now that lack of Toe-Stops on the other hand..........
: : So, any advice from my ToeStop-Free friends would be appreciated. Before I bust my Ass!
: : PEACE!!!!.............................Jay
: Advice : Don't use toe stops. Extra weight and get in the way. :P Learn hockey slides, t-stops, wedge stops, etc. Or go to the video posted below.
I can T-Stop & hockey slide fine, but I use Toe-Stops to help run outta pools after falls, to arrest my motion backwards & to lock myself (so I don't move) at other times.I know I'm gonna try to use my non-existent toestops & faceplant, but hopefully only once!
: btw, on the front trucks, I only put two bolts all the way through & into the boot. That way, my toes aren't smashed down from the very front bolts pulling the toe area down.
: So, do you mount trucks to your plate with 4 bolts then just not go through boot with front 2 or?? The video was amusing though. Was that Hawaii? Looked like it. I lived on Kaua'i for almost 6 years.Gorgeous.
Thanks for advice...Wil attempt to implement it.
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