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I built my very 1st pair of SK8s today!
I'll do it. I guess I will try to bring my tripod next time in case noone is there. Just remember I think God put me on earth to humor others with my skinny little self. ;-D I'm going to charge up my batteries just in case I can get someone at my kiddie park to film. I'll also have to see about my leg. Nothing serious, just a little tight in the muscle probably since I'm not used to explosive movements.

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: : : I can T-Stop & hockey slide fine, but I use Toe-Stops to help run outta pools after falls, to arrest my motion backwards & to lock myself (so I don't move) at other times.I know I'm gonna try to use my non-existent toestops & faceplant, but hopefully only once!
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: : I AGREE! Duke told me to put toe stops on when I emailed him a long time ago and I've never regretted it. It makes life much easier. A must if you bowl skate and dont always pop out. Plus Roberts toe stop trick, think that looks cool! I like to bounce off the wall on them sometimes to get more speed. I think no toe stops is OK if you only do vert ramps and kiddie parks or ride bowls without bailing. I usually stop by spin turns but would have run over kids many times without the stops help. It saves wheels on hockey slides!! I cant afford new wheels all the time lol.
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: : Nice work on skates! Important thing is to keep the trucks perfectly lined on the plate and mounted center to the foot so wheels are even on both sides. Its a shame RS Dave isnt here as I learned how to mount correctly from him. Now I dont trust others lol.
: Hi Claudine.
: I'm a little apprehensive about the mounting job I've done. I guess I'll find out later today when rolling on some trannys. But on the flatland of my back patio they seemed to track true. Keep your fingers crossed for me. Last thing I need is some stupid major injury right before RC!
: BTW: I LOVED that Green (Recycled tires)Bowl you posted the other day. It IS Screaming for rollerskates. I think you're the only local representative we have, so it's on you! Go, destroy it it & film it for us here!
: PEACE..........................................Jay
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