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Toe Stop Mounts!
: : : Irene! Just 3 weeks & 1 day & I'm picking you up from the airport!!!!Can't wait!!!
: : : : Yeah, I'm kinda deathly afraid of the lack of toestops. I may be in the bottom of a pool I can never get outta of! More likely I'll try to fakie stop & faceplant! I will bear in mind wider, more staggered stance. I know those new wheels, bearings & trucks are gonna be Scrwamers though! Fastness is good, right?!?LOL!
: : : : We missed you in South Bay. Everyone's eager for RC madness to commence. Talk to you soon.
: : : : PEACE......................................Jay
: : :
: : :
: : : I'll bring you a set, extra alum ones and figure out how to mount them on.
: : Thanks, Irene! How much Ass do you kick?! ALL of it! Tried new sk8s. They work. No slides, but maybe on vert. Think I'll modify them more.
: : P & L.....Jay
: Yaaa, excellent! See ya didn't breaka da face. I wuz gonna say add some slider blocks, but... r they faassst?
: Yo, find Fred Blood on FB and get on him to hit up RC! Anyone know where Tim Altec's at?

Hey Irene,
About out the door to try new sk8s AGAIN with some slider blocks added......but wanted to tell you that I THINK Tim's in Colorado now. Has a company that builds skateparks if I'm not mistaken. Gotta go sun's set. Temp might actually be under 100 now. Maybe.
P & L........................................Jay
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