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First video lol
: : I also have 2 uni vids but not uploaded yet. I'll do another thread later. But I have my mini ramp one up and since you guys were bugging me..... BTW, I am not used to the camera so I'm lucky I didnt fall on my face lol. I got nervous so figured I'll just tape myself until I get used to it. My leg has been hurting but was OK to skate a bit.
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: : Please feel free to give me feedback or laugh or both. I know I look silly. I did a wimpy stall at 14 sec and really bad monkey plant at 22 sec. I usually always land them but got nervous lol. Next time. I'm sure at the bowls I'll do better on the monkey plant cause this ramp is so tiny, its really hard. I know I'm not pumping much but like I mentioned, still afraid a bit of flying over the coping.
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: : OK, humor yourself, lol.
: :
: :
: YEAH Claudine!!!!! You Rock! That was outstanding. I LOVED the Monkeyplant. I can't do one on something that small. Unless it's a spine. The handplant combined with the 180 is too much for me on a mini like that.Happens too fast. You rocked it. I liked the wimpy stall too.
: But, I still say, skate bigger stuff! That mini looked deathly small. No room AT ALL to try to fall well. But you looked plenty comfy.
: Awesome stuff. Keep it coming. I'm about out the door right now to try my new sk8s 2.0. I've already hit my lame local park earlier this afternoon with sk8s as you saw them posted yesterday. Ive thrown some more plastic on them & I'm about to see if they work. Taking camera.Again. Filmed earlier. Could be amusing now that I'm trying some slides......
: Can't wait for more videos of you skating. Keep Rollin on all 8!
: PEACE! Jay

Thanks Jay! I totally agree its too small/cramped. I'm lucky I'm tiny otherwise there is no way. I still feel clumsy on it which is why wasnt too eager to tape on it. And I'm comfy being IN the ramp right now so thats little room to roll. I hope I can figure out ways to get more money to drive to better places more often. Its a kiddie park. I'm happy I dont look too retarded. I get very nervous around the camera since I'm not used to it so I totally tripped on my feet at the end lol. My hamstring been strained a touch so thats why I didnt do too much and didnt kick more into the ramp on the monkey plant. I can do even grabs on that tiny thing. But I'm sure I'll look much better with more room.

Hopefully I can get better footage this weekend and will improve LOTS by end of summer. I rarely fall on that ramp actually. I need to get more speed on the stalls but its so easy to get over and go into splits if my feet arent together lol.

I hope your skates work out! I was so proud of myself when I made mine!! :-D Those look really good!!!!! Have fun!
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