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First video lol
: Awesome. It's really difficult to do that kind of stuff in such a small ramp. Respect! I'm jealous of you monkey plant. If I could do that, I could try to transfer it to a big ramp. It would be much easier to stall it in a big ramp.

I'm happy I got "something" down! Doing a handplant I figured was out of my ability cause of my accident. I didnt even think I would be doing anything skating wise for real until fall. So any sort of invert IS a real big deal for ME. I need to work on my shoulder some more now and get it stronger, but I do see me doing a decent handplant (for a woman lol) in the future!! I have to get a pic of that and post it on my wall as a huge accomplishment for what I went through.

I wonder, can I make a pic from a video? My camera is lousy on taking pics, delays 2 seconds.
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