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First video lol
: : : I also have 2 uni vids but not uploaded yet. I'll do another thread later. But I have my mini ramp one up and since you guys were bugging me..... BTW, I am not used to the camera so I'm lucky I didnt fall on my face lol. I got nervous so figured I'll just tape myself until I get used to it. My leg has been hurting but was OK to skate a bit.
: : :
: : : Please feel free to give me feedback or laugh or both. I know I look silly. I did a wimpy stall at 14 sec and really bad monkey plant at 22 sec. I usually always land them but got nervous lol. Next time. I'm sure at the bowls I'll do better on the monkey plant cause this ramp is so tiny, its really hard. I know I'm not pumping much but like I mentioned, still afraid a bit of flying over the coping.
: : :
: : : OK, humor yourself, lol.
: : :
: : :
: :
: : First off... KICK ASS. Second, good vid and Third, you made every trick on something that would kill me....Go Monkey!
: Wow, thanx! I think YOU would kill this ramp lol. Or being a size of a 10 year old has benes in this situation lol? Its a totally clumsy ramp but wanted to tape something of my first steps to handplants. I might try the handplant this weekend if my leg is OK at the bowl. I'll bring my tripod just in case I do so I'm not out of the screen when I do one hahahaha.
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