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Tim Altec coming to NYC!
: : : just got off the phone and he's road trippin soon and will be visiting my town for the first time!
: : : hopefully, daniel will be able to tear himself away from his beautiful baby to skate with us.
: : : he's working out how to make it to RC, too!
: : : i found my email list from Monsters of Roll 2004 and sent out the word... shoulda done this sooner.... duh
: : : word is Kenny Means has been rollin' Upland!
: :
: : This is a good news i hope that you post some videos and photos, thanks, Irene. have a good one.

Stoked, looks like Tim will be at RC.
Hear back from "Sage"?
rad vid, yrs ago i did central park slalom sidesurf, of course, until i discovered tranny and vert.
great hill at top of park at 110 st to bomb, too.
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