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joe90 (videos by joe90) (pictures by joe90)
Tim Altec coming to NYC!
Bulk radness on the Tim and Kenny news.
Nice find on the Sage footage too Biff,,be rad if he could hook up with you doods.

cheers joe

: : just got off the phone and he's road trippin soon and will be visiting my town for the first time!
: : hopefully, daniel will be able to tear himself away from his beautiful baby to skate with us.
: : he's working out how to make it to RC, too!
: : i found my email list from Monsters of Roll 2004 and sent out the word... shoulda done this sooner.... duh
: : word is Kenny Means has been rollin' Upland!
: Cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
: I also found a new (to me) quad vert skater on youtube (I skipped ahead, as his video is really long). I invited him to come. Here is a video of his :
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