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Jay (videos by Jay) (pictures by Jay)
Tim Altec coming to NYC!
: : : : just got off the phone and he's road trippin soon and will be visiting my town for the first time!
: : : : hopefully, daniel will be able to tear himself away from his beautiful baby to skate with us.
: : : : he's working out how to make it to RC, too!
: : : : i found my email list from Monsters of Roll 2004 and sent out the word... shoulda done this sooner.... duh
: : : : word is Kenny Means has been rollin' Upland!
: : :
: : : This is a good news i hope that you post some videos and photos, thanks, Irene. have a good one.
: Stoked, looks like Tim will be at RC.
: Hear back from "Sage"?
: rad vid, yrs ago i did central park slalom sidesurf, of course, until i discovered tranny and vert.
: great hill at top of park at 110 st to bomb, too.

IreNe! You Rock, Girl! You keep pimping that roledex of yours & this RC'll end up being Monsters of Roill 2009!!! Like I wasn't Stoked enough before!!!!! WOW!!! Craziness!!!For the 1st time @ a RC The whole Dying Breed Crew: Duke, Des, Lee, Chris, KP, You & myself. Then we have Brother Biff attending for 1st time with his boy Raven. Now, Tim Altec!!! Maybe even Daniel ?? And rumors of Fred Blood coming?? WHat the F@#K?!? This is gonna be Bad-Ass. If there's a better way for a dude like me to celebrate his 40th, I sure can't think of it! Thanks. Keep calling people.
It's not too late for all our European friends to make travel plans!! Hint...hint! July 29 through August 2, Kids!!! Come on out!!!
See you in LESS than 3 weeks now, Irene! In fact, in 3 weeks from now, we'll be on our way to Stop 1 of the tour, Mountain Ridge SK8 Park. Nothing too big, but fun. See you soon!!!!!
Oh. Ryder sends formula-scented kisses!!!
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