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Jay (videos by Jay) (pictures by Jay)
New SK8s Work....Old Knee Doesn't.
: First of all: I LOVE JayTV!
: But looking at your hang-up, I thought it quite logical. You new skates are much higher and therefore your skates don't clear the copy anymore where the old ones would. I thought you might get into problem when I saw the thickness of your new plates, but that's not the only issue. The new truck probably are also higher!

Bernard, you are a wise AND observant Man. The trucks are indeed higher & set further back than what I'm used to. I'll have to compensate once I mend. They work though! Thanks for the JayTV love. I intend to collects reams of footage (stills too just for you!) during RC, but I also intend to be skating the whole time. Sometimes, the 2 don't mix very well.
But I'll have lots of friends with cameras too.May take awhile to compile it all, but eventually I'll have some killer new stuff to share here.
PEACE..... Jay
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