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Jay (videos by Jay) (pictures by Jay)
New SK8s Work....Old Knee Doesn't.
: : Oh Jay, so sorry bout ur knee!!!! I'm sending healing vibes your way!!!!! Take care of yourself man, dont mess it up for RC. One of my friends asked me if I could go anyplace in the world and do anything I wanted where money wasnt an issue, where would I go? I said to Las Vegas. They thought, what I like to gamble? Nope, just wish to be with other rollerksaters one day and they thought that was freakin funny. Thats the truth though, I hope one day.....
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: : Even though I ride a bmx too (but on dirt), agree that most skateparks bikes and skating isnt such a good mix. They come too fast. So I stay on my half the park when they are there. I love your videos and always learn a touch from them and just love to watch you skate dude!! I myself havent skated or did much of anything now on day 3. Just a mild hamstring strain but everything I did kept it going. I think it might be about healed now. Not sure. With it hurting and not healing was worried I could totally injure it. Not sure to try out that new bowl tomorrow and just carve or start easy and do uni, maybe fitness skating stuff this weekend and/or try a few manuals and push some handstands at home. I donno, want to really skate and would love to try out that bowl! :-D Proceeding to do a handplant I think is too much on my leg right now. And I think I need a bit more arm strength too.
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: : Take care and heal!!
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: : : Hey Everybody.
: : : I hope everyone is enjoying a beautiful skate-filled weekend.I know I WAS intending on skating this weekend. Gotta get my RollerCon readiness level up, right? Unfortunately, it's not gonna happen for me this weekend.:(
: : : I had wanted to try my new sk8s on the vert ramp at Area 702. But by the time I could go skate yesterday it was getting too late to get ther in time. So, I went to a park about 5 miles from my house that has some vert elements including a small (4 foot shallow 9 foot deep) pool. I usually don;t go to this park because even though it's fun, it's infested with kids on bikes. Now, I don't know about the rest of you, but I've been skating for a long time. I've been around pools, parks, 1/2 pipes, you name it.I've seen alot of shit. And I basically can tell where the potential lines are for skateboarders,bladers & of course skaters like ourselves, but I can NEVER tell where a damn bike might end up. They have transfers & lines thsat aren't possible for us. And they're fast. And, here at least, pretty much rude to the last one. So I don't usually go to Anthem. I wish I would've kept to that program. Maybe I wouldn't be limping today & wearing an ice pack under my ace bandage wrapped round my knee.
: : : I know, I know. Wahh. Wahh. I like to call these "Recreational Injuries". Much like occupational ones but harder to sue from!LOL!
: : : Anyway, as promised (or threatened I guess depending on your perspective) I took camera to capture the new sk8s inaugural vert session.
: : : As I said the place is awash in bikes, so all the initial spots I was hitting were way too crowded to try to film. I actually DID land invert several times in a smaller 8 foot near-vert section of another bowl before I was able to film. So, when I rolled up to the (nearly always) vacant pool I was pretty confident. Things were going well until I caught my oversized trucks on the coping on an invert. Then I had to get mt old Ass outta the pool & back to the camera. Without ToeStops! Sorry about the delay.
: : :
: : :
: : : So, if I was a wise man, which I've never claimed to be, I would've called it a night. You can tell I'm already outta gas at end of this run.
: : : But, no. I have a couple of quirks when it comes to skating. I NEVER say "one last run" for myself or anyone else. And I HATE ending anything on failure. So, if I fall, I like to get up ASAP & do it again. Successfully. Sometimes, trying to do it fast enough before the pain REALLY sets in. LOL. But, I wasn't hurt. I was just tired. So I thought I could pull that lousy handplant. The Bitch is I DID pull it in this one, I had a frickin speed wobble on wall on the way down. Unfortunately,unbeknownst to me, my right knee pad had slid partially down on last run/fall. I saw it as I was going for my knee & twisted it in toward other kneepad but it didn't help. Much. Anyway, here it is. Again sorry about camera delays.
: : :
: : : So ,now it's healing time. I'm accepting ALL positive Vibes/Energy/Chi/Love/Advice. Thanks.
: : : Hope the videos aren't too lame. Just still kinda surprised they work. I mean I just did everything visually. No measuring. And they work. Basically.
: : : PEACE..................Jay
: : :
: Dude, waaah... don't do what i did last yr, i felt so lame. icing, adviling, elevating, sitting on ur arse. take some time and heal up good. we don't need extra cameramen on deck. hehe... healing vibes... ;-)

Hey IreNe!
Can't wait to get Irie with you. ;-) I think it'll be OK by RC. It better be! My friend from NYC is getting all these allegedly retired Big-Dogs to come out this year! :) I need to be skating. And well. So righty needs to buck up & pull it's weight.
Anyway, have a great weekend. You skating anywhere? we were all talking about that gorgeous bowl you posted last weekend in SoCal. Chris called it his 'Dream Ramp'! LOL! Can't really disagree with the Kid.
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