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New SK8s Work....Old Knee Doesn't.
: : Oh Jay, so sorry bout ur knee!!!! I'm sending healing vibes your way!!!!! Take care of yourself man, dont mess it up for RC. One of my friends asked me if I could go anyplace in the world and do anything I wanted where money wasnt an issue, where would I go? I said to Las Vegas. They thought, what I like to gamble? Nope, just wish to be with other rollerksaters one day and they thought that was freakin funny. Thats the truth though, I hope one day.....
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: : Even though I ride a bmx too (but on dirt), agree that most skateparks bikes and skating isnt such a good mix. They come too fast. So I stay on my half the park when they are there. I love your videos and always learn a touch from them and just love to watch you skate dude!! I myself havent skated or did much of anything now on day 3. Just a mild hamstring strain but everything I did kept it going. I think it might be about healed now. Not sure. With it hurting and not healing was worried I could totally injure it. Not sure to try out that new bowl tomorrow and just carve or start easy and do uni, maybe fitness skating stuff this weekend and/or try a few manuals and push some handstands at home. I donno, want to really skate and would love to try out that bowl! :-D Proceeding to do a handplant I think is too much on my leg right now. And I think I need a bit more arm strength too.
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: : Take care and heal!!
: Claudine, Thanks. For the positive healing energy, the kind words & the sentiment behind wanting to come out to be with your own kind! I know I probably sound like a broken record about RC, but I just get SO EXCITED about it because not only is it an oppurtunity to get friends (old AND new) together as experienced skaters, it's a chance to expose more & new people to something that I just LOVE. I mean, even now, I'm sitting here with ice pack on my knee after an epsom salt bath. But I can't wait to roll asap!
: Take it easy this wwekend. Pace yourself. Most importantly, enjoy yourself!
: PEACE...........................Jay
: Thanks again. Keep sending that positive Chi.....:)
: :
I think my leg is feeling better, hopefully I can skate tomorrow! I am also hoping to get canvas to start the best painting in the world on my own wall, HUGE. I messed up mine it seems so hope I can get this as its very pricey which is why I dont really paint now.

Well, one day I do hope to skate with other vertical skaters. I have never seen one even beyond the internet. So thats all I want. I dont know if my skating has any impact on converting kids, but some people are interested in watching.
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