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Jay (videos by Jay) (pictures by Jay)
New SK8s Work....Old Knee Doesn't.
: Jay, you earned the honor of posting message # 10000! Just imagine how much high class communication our small flock brought about. And my small forum is still keeping up ...

I've said it before & I'll happily say it again: God Bless Bernard AND the Vert Forum! I'd be lost without it!
Thanks, Bernard!
: : Thanks for the JayTV love.
: Yeah, I don't have TV any more but your channel is something worth watching ... ;)
: : I intend to collects reams of footage (stills too just for you!) during RC, but I also intend to be skating the whole time. Sometimes, the 2 don't mix very well.
: : But I'll have lots of friends with cameras too.May take awhile to compile it all, but eventually I'll have some killer new stuff to share here.
: Take your time. Good stuff always takes time. I know it is worth the wait.
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