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How has your skating changed?
I guess we all have skated during different times and have had different conditions. I was in my prime as a very young guy in 1982. During the years after, I did not have much to skate so it was off and on for many years. I could go 5 years off and still show up at a ramp and do my old tricks. I got back into skating in college and pretty much got back everything in 1992. After taking 16 years off, it seemed my body did not adapt. I broke my elbow four months into it and have been gradually progessing, but never got back the old stuff. My style of skating has changed so much. I was a back and forth skater that did tricks on every wall. Now, I have adapted for my lack of tricks and carve and grind. I used to get frustrated, but now I focus on finding new lines and carving fast. I know I still have the old tricks, but my broken elbow seems to get in the way. I am stoked lately because I am finding new lines and carving faster. I just learned a couple of new tricks on the small stuff, but wonder if I will ever get the big tricks back? Have any of you changed the way you skate? If I could get the old stuff back and incorporate the new stuff, then I would be totally stoked. If not, then I will carve and have fun.
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