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How has your skating changed?
I still havent been able to get back into it full swing since my injury. Most of it is fear. In my head I already decided I wont try anything really new until August, one year after they gave me bones that looked like swiss cheese. I just roll around for now, with a big splint on. :-(

The reason is that I found out one of the stupid drugs the medical field thought would help me actually slows down bone turnover rate and takes many years to get out of your system. This is what HAS to happen for bones to get hard and strong again after they break. Its called remodeling. So now I know that our pharmaceutical companies do more harm then good and have to exude patience. I figured a year should be "safe" I hope.

I'm going to be like Robert, learn to carve well to start and stick with the smaller stuff til I feel more comfortable. Sorry, no flips for me, ever. Come August, I will be skating DAILY I hope and SLOWLY progressing. If I dont feel up to par, right now I dont skate because I'm chicken I havent found an orthopedic dr. that takes state insurance yet, a big issue.

Other part for me is money, cant afford driving much, it sucks. So I havent driven to the bowls lately. Waiting on getting some income.... I honestly dont feel comfortable in the kiddie park across the street.
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