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How has your skating changed?
My skill level is maybe 1/4 of what it was at my best but I attribute that to a 30 year break and 40 years in the construction trade. At my age going in circles at the local roller rink would be an anomoly not to mention a session at the local sk8park. With the encouragment of my #1 son and with his help, patience and support I'm back on 8 wheels again. My break from vert skating was an economic decision and nothing more really contributed to my being off my quads for over 30 years. Any broken bone resulted in a loss of income from cast on to cast off and we still needed groceries ever week whether I was broken or not. While I am very active for someone on Social Security- baseball, golf, handball, sk8s and assorted occasional physical fun - my body simply refuses to do what it could 40 years ago (Go back in the forum and look at my quasi-backflip into the foam pit for verification) the pure joy I get from vert skating remains the same, perhaps even a tad higher because one appreciates the light a little more when darkness begins to fall. Never give up....never surrender!
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