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Jay (videos by Jay) (pictures by Jay)
ToeStops or NO ToeStops??
I\'ve started a new \"Convo\" on RollerSkate World that I\'m sure everyone here has an opinion about. I\'d LOVE to hear everybody\'s thoughts & witty repartee on the subject here:

Sorry about the need for cut-n-paste but I\'m a techno-feeb unlike the Illustrious Mr. B. & the Web-Savvy Mr.Biff Riley. So.....
Can\'t wait to hear your opinions.

Oh yeah, also some VERY cool Vert content here:

Thanks, Irene for the heads-up! click \"vert\" on that page & watch the Spaniards Kill some Vert! :) Some other interesting NON-Vert related quad stuff here.
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