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Bernhard (videos by Bernhard) (pictures by Bernhard)
ToeStops or NO ToeStops??
: : This site seems to be a front page to a store to me. Do you know more about them?
: Yes, looks like a store....I only clicked on the Vert segment as advised by Irene. I don't anything about them ( at all, really. Irene posted something on FB & I checked it out, then reposted here so everyone could see. You know me, Bernard, anything I see that promotes rollerskating is a Good thing to me. Even if it IS just a slick Sales intro.

I get what you mean. Nevertheless, it's all the more annoying that they took one of my photos without asking for permission. Makes me wonder if they did the same with the rest of the material.

: On a personal note: I just LOVE those one kneepad grinds the Spaniards all seem to be doing. I spent a session last year trying to do just one kneepad stalls & couldn't do 'em, so my hats off to those guys. :)

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