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Jay (videos by Jay) (pictures by Jay)
ToeStops or NO ToeStops??
: Thank's Jay, I have linkified your links and added them to the resources page.

Thanks for that, Bernard.
: This site seems to be a front page to a store to me. Do you know more about them?

Yes, looks like a store....I only clicked on the Vert segment as advised by Irene. I don't anything about them ( at all, really. Irene posted something on FB & I checked it out, then reposted here so everyone could see. You know me, Bernard, anything I see that promotes rollerskating is a Good thing to me. Even if it IS just a slick Sales intro.
On a personal note: I just LOVE those one kneepad grinds the Spaniards all seem to be doing. I spent a session last year trying to do just one kneepad stalls & couldn't do 'em, so my hats off to those guys. :)
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