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Bernhard (videos by Bernhard) (pictures by Bernhard)
ToeStops or NO ToeStops??
: There was some Asshole who did the same thing with video footage of Duke & Desi that Lee Ettinger shot. This A-Hole then re-edited film, put in his own music, captions etc & called it his own. Turned out he couldn't even sk8 aggressively, he was a jam skater.

I have observed this kind of behaviour since decades time and again. Back in school there was some guy who couldn't write any significant program of his own, but edited the copyright statement of someone else's program to make it look like it was his achievement. I'm not sure what motivated him to do this.

: Anyway, I won't buy anything from those jerks if they stole from you.
: I want some of Brian's sliders for my next set-up anyway! LOL!

I think those aren't slides but complete integrated base systems.

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