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Smaller ramps harder?
Because of my inline background, I'd call those "t-stalls" mizous. Why invent new names if we'd get mocked by inliners for putting old wine in new bags?
Unless we've coined terms before them, of course, which wouldn't sound unlikely as we've been around since the eighties and aggro inline only came around in the nineties.

History is much more interesting when you skip the "Alexander the Great" bullcrap and just look at everything from 1900 on, only involving earlier events when they bear relevance.

Anyway, yeah, Allan, smaller ramps are harder IMO. Smaller ramps mean less time to arrange your feet, shift your weight and adding style to riding. Also, just as blunt knives are more dangerous than sharp ones, smaller ramps give you less time to bail out on a fall. I hate stalling, grinding and airing on small ramps(except when it's supposed to be used as a jumpramp). I really hate the authorities for spending millions on skateparks like the Malieveld, and not putting down a vert anywhere.

Maybe I should just take the public transports and go to Ypenburg, Leiden or Rotterdam more often...

Rant, rant, rant, rant. First I should finish the right skate. Then I'll smack the authorities head with it. "Do something right for once!"
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