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biffsk8er (videos by biffsk8er) (pictures by biffsk8er)
Smaller ramps harder?
: The only caveat is that embedding videos depends on
: external sites like YouTube and the videos stop
: working when the external service ceases to exist.
: This has happened time and again and is one of the
: reason's why I favor submitting images to the forum
: instead of linking them in from external sites.
: There are quite some such image links which do not
: work any more.

► I wouldn't expect youtube to go away any time soon. Though, videos on particular accounts might cease to exist if the user quits or gets banned (etc..), but couldn't the video link be replaced by the Admin.....namely you?

Besides, the problem that I have with pics is that it doesn't really show you the whole trick when it comes to something like a McTwist, or a fakie 360 to backside grind to 180 out. On the other hand, a video like Pauls tutorial multi angle clips of individual tricks is a great way to share tricks! We shouldn't lose these videos as these threads get buried in the archives. They should be saved to their own page.

Yeah, links, websites, and even videos do sometimes disappear on the internet,....but not utilizing these tools while they exist seems a waste.

My 2 worth.
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