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Smaller ramps harder?
: I\'m not an inliner, just a roller skater.
: I\'m not so concerned with fitting in with
: the lingo, style or conforming. I enjoy
: roller skating that there seems to be
: freedom to make up our own names/tricks
: and be more creative.

Claudine, I did invent the \'Texas Tumbleweed\'. And oddly enough, I went to the skate park in Round Rock last night, and a kid specifically asked me to do it!! He had seen me do it before and he thought it was cool. :)

Does anyone else here have a trick name that they invented? I have an idea for Bernhards\' home page. We should do short videos with only one trick; the way that Paul (rollerball) has been doing. Then, we create a tricktionary; each trick showing a video guide to go with it.

Bernhard, would this be possible?
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