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Bernhard (videos by Bernhard) (pictures by Bernhard)
Smaller ramps harder?
: Claudine, I did invent the 'Texas Tumbleweed'.

I like that trick name!
: Does anyone else here have a trick name that they invented?

One trick I did is called "Calippo Plant' by those in the know. Probably I didn't invent the trick which just is a front-side hand-plant.

I have an idea for Bernhard's home page. We should do short videos with only one trick; the way that Paul (rollerball) has been doing. Then, we create a tricktionary; each trick showing a video guide to go with it.
: Bernhard, would this be possible?

Sure. I could fire up something like the 'Suggest a resourve' form on the resources page for such a tricktionary on short notice. The only caveat is that embedding videos depends on external sites like YouTube and the videos stop working when the external service ceases to exist. This has happened time and again and is one of the reason's why I favor submitting images to the forum instead of linking them in from external sites. There are quite some such image links which do not work any more.

Captcha is 'striving Mr'. Isn't there a 'B' missing?
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