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: Hey Irene, rather have the do rag then the helmet? Somehow it doesnt look right lol. Still working on it but also finishing up the mold for the other roller skater. :-D

I hope you do not mind a few observations, as I mean no disrespect at all. I could never do a sculpture even half as good as yours. My intent is 'constructive criticism'. Feel free to let me know if you'd prefer me to not pipe in.

I think your issues with her might stem from her facial expression. The face should look a bit more 'aggressive', or at least more intent on the trick at hand. Either that, or maybe it is because she should be looking more toward the ramp where she will be proceeding after completing her trick??

Also, the wheels look a bit too small to me. And finally, the helmet looks like it is riding way too high, like a bike helmet, rather than a skate helmet.

Other wise, I really like the over all shape, stance, and look of the body.

Also, I hope you get to do some more skating soon!! Cheers!!!
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