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OK its obvious you havent worked with clay. It does take time for the clay to set to work with it in more detail, thats why I said I'm still working on it. There are NO wheels on the trucks now, they are wet. The clay doesnt hold when its wet fyi. The wheels fall off!

Also I view skating differently then you. I know you are very competitive, wanting to know where other skaters are at skill wise and always attacking the ramps, looking to your next me. Me though I am NOT an aggressive skater and just want to share the love of skating, the moment. I am a happy skater that loves to feel free, like I"m flying. Its all about having fun for me, falling, getting back up to try again, learning, not caring really. Not really caring if I'm any good in all honesty. I just like to learn tricks for myself, not to compete with others or prove anything. Skating for me is not at all about competition, doing a trick perfectly, or attacking something competitively/aggressively. Actually I hope Irene always kills me on the ramps so I have someone to look up to. ;-D Its just about having fun and having my own personal goals.

A stall is a stance/pose. Just having a YES moment. Suspended in time. Irene I think shares the same love of just just skating/non competitively as I do. Shes in it for the long hall. I think like me she would just enjoy doing the trick without being so focused on nailing the next one to impress others. So I have her just being happy in the moment. As thats how I feel, I would want a pic showing how proud I was doing that one trick, that moment in time. My other skater too is just happy in the moment, suspended in air, not looking to attack the next trick. He has a goofy expression showing the viewer how awesome skating is rather then worrying about if he will nail the landing right or the next trick. As you see my poses are more humble, not perfect/rigid. I am in no way an aggressive person. Just a nice person, maybe too nice lol. Its just how I skate, happy and humbly. I am just happy I can roll nowadays and have 2 arms and 2 legs that manage. If they can do things, thats just icing on the cake!

I am also into motion, movement and the more movement/twists within the body the better. And I want my skaters to interact/engage with the viewer. Not be self absorbed.

Thanks for the feedback. I have not attended much to the helmet as like I mentioned. No reason to work on it much if thats not working for me. Not sure if I want a helmet or do an Irene do rag. I think I would like visually the do rag better but I feel its important to emphasize safety as being cool too, lol.
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