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I agree with EVERYTHING you said, except the helmet thing. You HAVE to put her in a helmet. Like it or not, we are ambassadors of our Sport. Everytime I go the park I'm the most heavily padded (usually ONLY one with ANY pads) in the whole skatepark. Kids ask about it, or like the other day, ask how old I am, then ask how I can still sk8 @ my age & the answer is always: "I wear my pads EVERYTIME I sk8". We have to lead by Example. Even in Art.
That being said; I think it's WAY outta line to give criticisms of the type Biff has here on Art.....especially Unfinished Art. I, for one, feel Honored & Privileged that not only do you apply your considerable Talent to immortalizing our beloved Sport, but you actually show us the work IN PROGRESS. That's something most Artists don't do. So, Thank You.
BTW, I share your feelings on being "in the moment" & just feeling the "joy of skating". That's how I feel when I sk8. I don't believe I would have enjoyed being in a competitive situation on my sk8s. But maybe that's just because I know there are SO MANY better skaters than me that I never would've had a spot on the podium. LOL! Doubt it though. Skating is something you either LOVE or you don't. And your Love of Skating is evident in your Art. Thanks.
And, please, post up on RS World. Always need more Art & Culture on there!
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