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I did not know that wheels were not on it already. I am sorry. I thought you had just made very small ones.

And yes, we skate differently, but my comments had nothing to do with "my" aggressive-competitive style of skating. I am a very technical and detail oriented person when it comes to things I know. I do apologize if you took offense. I sometimes have trouble thinking outside of the box, as is very common with art. I was looking at the pose from the viewpoint of "Where would my body be positioned, and what would I be doing during this trick?".

Further, I expect you to make whatever style sculpture you want to make. I did not expect you to make the type of sculpture that I would make, especially since it is "obvious (I) havent worked with clay". I expected that you would take whatever parts of advice given, that you might think pertinent, and apply them. Or, that you might not use any advice given. Whatever your choice, it is YOUR choice.

Your art is fantastic. Do not get the wrong idea that I feel otherwise. Thanks for sharing it with us.
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