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I need some advice
Hi all,
I skated again today and it was amazing. These people are amused by us. I had some really cool little kids asking me if my skates were really old because they never saw it before. They had their fathers there and they never saw quad skaters before. I met this guy that never skated until his son did and he must have been 40 somthing. It was pretty cool. This scene is pretty good for us because we can mentor these young kids. I saw little seven year old kids dropping in today and it was awesome. So, here is my question. I am skating on some old fourteen year old skates. I will buy some new ones soon, but I just want to get used to what I have. I know you all use skateboard trucks, but I use the teeny hangars from fourteen years ago. I have this combo pool down now. I have yet to try tricks, but I am carving very high and loving it. Do any of you have a suggestion for a rollerskate wheel for vert. I am using very old school skates. My axles are for 7 mm bearings. Should I get normal rollerskate wheels that are 78a or should I get the speed wheels that are 92a? My skates are purely speed skates and I want to keep them until I get back to my old school tricks. My goal is to get one of Rollergirl's skates, but I want to take it slow. Would you recommend the normal 62mm 78a wheels or should I get the out door wheels that are harder? I am taking things slow, but now that I have the carving down, I need more speed. Does anyone have any suggestions? After five times, I am at the point where I can carve every wall, but the speed is not there. I would love some suggestions. Please remember I am on old speed skates. My boots are so comfy and my wheels barely spin. I will buy the Red Bones, but I need to know what wheels to buy for a normal set up. Soon I will buy some vert skates and grind hard, but for now I just need speed. I need some suggestions. Is it ok to get normal outdoor quad wheels or will the hard wheels work for vert? I am ordering rollergirls grind plate soon and need to know what is the best set up for me. Any suggestions?

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