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So confused about wheels
: Hi Dave,
: I know that you experiment a lot with different types of skates. I know that you use the wide trucks and even inlines skates. Is it hard to adapt to switching off? Do you recommend I stick with one for a while or just mix em all up. I would like to be able to skate on all different types of skates, but definitely want to learn to skate with wide trucks so I can grind. Also, what is the difference between the adjustable toe stops and the ones that have the stem that screws in?

Become proficient on the type you plan to use the most. Then learning other types of skates becomes easier.

You pretty much answered your own question on the toe stops. One is adjustable, with a locknut or screw to hold it in place. You adjust it to the depth you prefer. You can also compensate for wear that way. Non adjustable just bolt into place and that's it. When they wear down, toss 'em for new stoppers.
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