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So confused about wheels
I don't know, if things have changed or I never really cared about equipment. I really don't remember researching anything and just bought skate equipment. I think many years ago that wheels must have been the same for skateboarders and rollerskaters. I am trying to figure out what wheels to buy for my skates and am having so much trouble. My tiny trucks require 7mm bearings athough I currently have sleeves to get 8mm bearings. I was told by an online store that any rollerskate wheels over 90a are considered indoor wheels. Is this true? Should I even care? I know that when I inlined, I liked really hard wheels, but am not sure about these indoor wheels. Anyone have any advice? I probably will not notice, but 18 years ago I used skateboard wheels. I don't know what has changed, but would love some input. I don't want to go over 62 mm because I like smaller wheels. I can buy 62mm 96a wheels, but they say they are indoor wheels. Does anyone know the negatives of doing so? I think any wheels and bearing will be better than what I have. My wheels are very small and they barely turn. It was good at first, but I need more speed. I am becoming a carving machine. I plan on venturing to some new skateparks, when I feel more comfortable, but where I skate now it is all carving the combo pool and not back and forth like I am used to. I need to order soon and it will have to be online because nobody skates vert with the skates I use. I plan on upgrading to rollergirls aggessive skates with the smaller hangar soon, but I need to get by for now. I need some suggestions pleas.


: Hi Robert,
: you definitely need hard wheels for skating a pool or a half pipe. 92 A is too soft! Get at least 95 A or 97 A. And get them with as big a diameter as you can. This (together with decent bearings) will give you the speed you crave.
: I once tried 93 A wheels when I tried to make a skate which would be suitable for ramp and street skating. In the end, it wasn't suitable for neither. You need soft wheels (about 78 A) for the street and hard wheels (at least 95 A) for the ramp. Don't compromise. Specialise.
: Bernhard
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