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Irene (videos by Irene) (pictures by Irene)
So confused about wheels
: Thanks Irene, always nice to hear from you. It is my understanding that you use rollergirl's grind plate. How do you like it? Any tips for grinding or plate tricks?
the grindplate works great. they seem to grind farther tilted to the side (both feet... like royale grinds on inline skates). they hold up well, no cracks or chips. they will bend some, but you can bang them back out, if they get too curved. they are pretty wide, so plate stalls, etc. are very stable on coping. but i'm no expert with lip tricks. i think you will love rollergirl's vert skate.
so happy for you!

: : : : I just put in new bearings and I will let you know how it goes. I had a pretty good session today. I am going to get some of Rollergirls vert skates with the wide sure grip trucks. I wonder how long it will take to get used to the wider trucks. I am guessing they are a lot less responsive?
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: : : Turning is harder at first but you get used to it.
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: : You will gain stability at speed and can lean into carves much harder. Loose trucks will make turning easier. Experiment to get the right combo for turning and stability. Careful not to let your feet get too close to each other, your wider trucks may catch and trip you up. Something sidesurfers need not worry about.
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