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Being an aggressive ROLLER skater
For some reason, now that I'm getting better, this question seems to come up more often. "So are you going to get aggressive skates now?" When I tell them, I DO have aggressive skates. I show them my grind plate and say they are aggressive ROLLER skates. And soon I will get wide trucks so I can do all the grinds too. Only one guy is an ass about it though which actually right now is OK, cause its getting me to push myself more. The rest just look at me confused. Most the time its inliners, but I'm trying to make friends with all of them except that one dork.

Should I bring photos to show them that yeah, people do aggressive ROLLER skate, grinds and all, or is there something else I can say? Most of the skateboarders dont say anything or think I have really cool skates, especially when I point out how we both have trucks. It would be cool though if I could be good on both sides and maybe help bring us more so together, that we are all just here to skate. I guess there is such pressure at that age to fit in and follow the norm that I'm really throwing them off!

And are these old school skates? I donno. I was asked that too. I cant wait til I can really skate well leaving them drooling with envy lol.
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