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Bernhard (videos by Bernhard) (pictures by Bernhard)
Being an aggressive ROLLER skater
: LOL, thats funny! Good one.

You sometimes have to develop a dry humor to survive as a roller skater. ;-)

: Seems to be more pressure nowadays to conform. Kids never think for themselves anymore it seeems.

Probably most people don't think for themselves. Maybe conformism is stronger nowadays but I think it always was predominant.

: Like I said, I'm just oblivious to others when I'm' having so much fun lol!

Same here. However, I used to know an inlins speed skater who seems to be craving for attention. He always talked about how people turned their heads to admire his tights or his speed skates or whatever. I don't pay attention to people when crusing the streets on my street skates.
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