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Being an aggressive ROLLER skater

: Like surfing preceded skateboarding, so did rollerskating. It is inlining's history and they don't know nuttin' about it.
: What else...metal vs plastic, trucks that turn and carve, maintenance/longevity and's more fun!

Hum......but I'm wondering, if all these questions are out of curiousity and ignorance too? I just tried to step into their shoes. Which in some ways I was not that long ago. I had NO idea you could skate ramps at the skatepark on roller skates just because I never saw it, NEVER EVER even seen a person on roller skates on the streets/sidewalks even. You can ask Lisa. I was very fearful that roller skates could actually skate on the streets because everyone just told me I would hate it and fall on my face. I just tried roller skating this winter and fell in love with it from day one, so that was that. I thought about inline, tried them on and cant waiver. I'm happy being square!

I'm still learning what you can/cant do on roller skates even so. All I know really is from the internet and info from the few aggressive roller skaters I know.

So I printed some photos of aggressive skaters and a few grinding pics so they could see. When I saw pics myself, thats where I went WOW! We already all know that roller skating is more fun, rofl! ;-D

But its still odd. When I first went there people looked at me strange. I really thought it was my age, or that I was a girl. They actually think I'm 21 (OK Dave, you cant tell them, ha!) and accept me as a really cool girl so yeah, what REALLY sticks out is my roller skates!! I'm just surprised that now that I'm getting better, they are thinking I want an "upgrade" so I can do more. OK, yeah, I strattled a flying skateboard today in a split sec., so maybe I'm about ready for wider trucks! :-D Yep, thats my new special trick!
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