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Being an aggressive ROLLER skater
: :I think aggressive is an attitude and a way of riding. Skateboarders don't ask "is that an aggressive skateboard?" they either skate aggresively or they don't. I have seen lots of kids on inline skate cruising around and not really skating aggresivly at all. I would say that my skates are made to hold up to aggressive riding and I ride them aggressively. I hear the same question and get the same looks.

Well, I like the way Rene put vert. skater. I like that term. I think my skates are built for aggressive skating, maybe they look mean, or maybe they are just too darn cool! I donno. But they certainly arent disco skates!!

I can certainly show my teeth and grunt like my bunny does but I'm hardly more menacing lol. Spunky, fun and crazy maybe. I'm pretty tiny and well, dont think I sport the gansta look well. But I have been asked if I chewed on my last pair of skates, so there ya go, I'm VISCIOUS. :-D
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