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New VERT Roller-Skates
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: : : Not glad to hear about this. Hope you find a good new job soon!
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: : Me too! Looks like my next job might now have a 3-4 hr/day commute on metro to the city. Not happy bout that. Things work out for the best in the long run. Nothing stops me lol.
: In 2004, I had a 2.5 hours commute (one way) for some month. I am glad that now get to my work in less than an hour.

Honestly, I'm nuts! I cant do it right now unless I'm actually broke and too hungry to skate. I'd rather wait, do UI if I have too, or take a lame job nearby until I can find better. Life is too short to not live it when I can. A 12 hour day, taking 2 college level credit night classes, is too much to skate often. No amount of money could make up for it. I can live without a cool camera and vacations if I can only skate often.
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