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New VERT Roller-Skates
: : Honestly, I'm nuts! I cant do it right now unless I'm actually broke and too hungry to skate.
: I'd also like to have a job where I live but it's next to impossible to get one here.
: : I'd rather wait, do UI if I have too,
: What's UI? I'd read it as "User Interface", but that's probably wrong.
: : or take a lame job nearby until I can find better. Life is too short to not live it when I can.
: I can relate to that feeling very much. I lived in this way during my university time. But the older you get, the more compromises. But I am still very happy that I can go skating and also very happy that there is a community of like-minded roller skaters again.

Well, I started working since I was 12 and supported myself all through college. I didnt have fun in college except my major. I had to maintin all As cause of my scholarship too but I enjoyed it so I didnt mind. I had a break during college and had some fun before my grandmother died. I took care of her but that was my only break. I worked and worked and worked, was the only student with zero family help, and thus thats why I'm out of shape now, burnt out and really wanting a touch of fun before I get too old.

I'm just asking for an hour or 2 before the sun goes down to skate, nothing more. Flexible hours are OK! I just need to take these 2 classes so I can have more options for jobs too. This job is actually administrative also but in an IT company. Lots of promises, but I got those in the company I work for now and nothing happened. Just was given tons more work/responsibilities and no more pay even, but the company is caving in so thats why. I think I can find something within an hour away. I just might have to collect unemployment insurance (UI) in the meantime. Or just take an administrative job and wait til an opening comes.

But compromises, yes, I've only had one vacation in 20 years! I just want 1-2 hours a day to myself, even if it means I get 4 hrs of sleep. Thats all I want. Nothing more really. Lentils and rice everyday is OK. No money for vacation or camera equipment is OK. Just let me skate!! Something will come up I'm sure. Got a call last night so least its within an hour and in my field even!
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