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Bernhard (videos by Bernhard) (pictures by Bernhard)
New VERT Roller-Skates
: Honestly, I'm nuts! I cant do it right now unless I'm actually broke and too hungry to skate.

I'd also like to have a job where I live but it's next to impossible to get one here.

: I'd rather wait, do UI if I have too,

What's UI? I'd read it as "User Interface", but that's probably wrong.

: or take a lame job nearby until I can find better. Life is too short to not live it when I can.

I can relate to that feeling very much. I lived in this way during my university time. But the older you get, the more compromises. But I am still very happy that I can go skating and also very happy that there is a community of like-minded roller skaters again.
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