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Finding time
Ever think of getting into your own business? It would be a lot of work but at least you could run your own schedule and pencil in that hour for yourself every day. I can relate to the not getting time for yourself scenario. During the summer I have to do all my skating in the 11 pm to midnight range (sometimes later) because of my family responsibilities (you've seen one of them). I haven't even had a chance to get to an actual skatepark this year (hopefully in September). I've been using streets, curbs, school basketball courts, wheelchair ramps, traffic islands, whatever I can find in my neighbourhood.

Don't cut yourself too short on sleep. It catches up to you.
: I'm just asking for an hour or 2 before the sun goes down to skate, nothing more. Flexible hours are OK! I just need to take these 2 classes so I can have more options for jobs too. This job is actually administrative also but in an IT company. Lots of promises, but I got those in the company I work for now and nothing happened. Just was given tons more work/responsibilities and no more pay even, but the company is caving in so thats why. I think I can find something within an hour away. I just might have to collect unemployment insurance (UI) in the meantime. Or just take an administrative job and wait til an opening comes.
: But compromises, yes, I've only had one vacation in 20 years! I just want 1-2 hours a day to myself, even if it means I get 4 hrs of sleep. Thats all I want. Nothing more really. Lentils and rice everyday is OK. No money for vacation or camera equipment is OK. Just let me skate!! Something will come up I'm sure. Got a call last night so least its within an hour and in my field even!
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