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skateboard vs. roller skating wheels?
Is there much of a difference if you have the same compound and same hardness? I have roller bones roller skating wheels which I was told they have the same compound as the bones skateboard wheels. I have no complaints about them. The only difference I can tell is that they are flat, more narrow and dont have the rounded sides. Is there a difference on ramps?

The reason I am asking is I got my $5 Oak street skates in the mail today, they FIT! GOOD too!! They have wider trucks, between its about 2 1/2", from wheel to wheel 5 1/4" wide. So I can handle the narrow ramp trucks or stay with these. The axels are off centered, but if I can center them, I'm sure they would take skateboard wheels.

The plates are heavy. Right now they give my foot comfortable and flexible ankle support so think I can skate now this weekend, more support then my speed boots and much more comfortable and flexible then the other hockey boots where my foot was swimming around. I was thinking of trying to put these trucks on my probe plate. Its a standard kingpin setup which I am not fond of though. But I am LOVING the wider longer trucks that these have! I feel soooo stable, solid on these.

But since they are heavy and not as maneuverable as my speed boots, I think I will keep them as street skates. Love them!
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