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skateboard vs. roller skating wheels?
: For vert, modern skateboarding wheels rules!!!!! all sizes/hardness/prices available.
: I like Powell Bowl bombers 64mm PF (Park Formula) or other brand 60mm+ in Park or Street Formula: very hard and still grippy when you need and still sliding ability (with less flatspoting than classical formulas, good for unlocked plates grinds). Very fast on smooth ramp!!!!!
: The centered core gives more precision (not too wide also) and rounded edges slides faster on the coping 50/50's (easier to engage/disengage on the coping also).

Thanks, I guess eventually I will move to skateboard wheels. I'm checking into skateboard trucks now lol. Now I'm all in for wider trucks, as long as wheel to wheel its below 6", preferable 5 1/2"! I cant believe how much I LOVE em!
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